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Industrial Survey
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Industrial Survey

1.    Survey and setting out of Industrial Plant

We perform precise mapping and setting out of industrial plants and machinery.
3D Scanning projects - We undertake placing the ground control while the 3D Scanning is sub-contracted to a scanning specialist.

Projects include:             

1.   Engen Refinery, Engen Island View-B, Island View-D,

2.   NMPP (New Multi Product Pipeline) Island View Transfer Lines

3.   Sapref Refinery

4.   Vopak Growth 2, 3 and 4 Projects

5.   Alcan Alesa Harbour Portal

2.    Land Audits

1.   Land Investigation and identification

2.   Provision of Servitude Diagrams

Projects include:

1.   Durban South GasKor Pipeline,

2.   Engen/Mondi Railway Servitude