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Subdivision of property

There are several important things to realise when attempting to subdivide your property.

  a Because of the congestion at the municipalities and other government offices, it will take at least one year for them to process the application. If you change your design at any stage, the process starts again from scratch.
  b There is an initial cost for the survey and application fees, plus any additional levies charged by the municipality.
  c You will require consent from every shareholder in the property, including the bondholder.
  d In order to register your transfer, your rates account must be up to date.
  e Please consult your accountant on the implications of Capital Gains Tax, VAT and Transfer fees, especially if the property is held by a CC or Trust.

Briefly the process is:

  a Initially the surveyor will survey your site and draw up a plan showing how you want to sub-divide your site.
  b Then these plans will be submitted to the Durban Municipality.
  c Once we have approval from the Municipality, we will place the boundary beacons of the new sites, and submit Diagrams for registration with the Surveyor General's Office in Pietermaritzburg.
  d Then you will have to construct such access roads, electricity, water, sewerage and storm-drains as are required.
  e Lastly you will have to appoint an Attorney to register and transfer the site in the Deeds Office. Only at this point do you receive the money from the sale of your sites.
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